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Argus 7000CE Color Moving Map Display - Click to enlarge
Argus 7000CE Color Moving Map Display - Click to enlarge

Order Information
Need Rack & Connector?: 

Argus 7000CE Color Moving Map Display

Product Information
ModelArgus 7000CE Color Moving Map Display
Part NumberP/N: 7000-30-15
Voltage14 or 28 volts
IncludedRack & Connector (if needed), Existing Database, 90 Day Warranty
CommentsEventide ended factory support for the Argus series of moving maps on January 1, 2011. As a result, we no longer recommend this display.

Display: Red, Green, and Yellow

Size: 2.25" wide x 3" high

Compared to the already sharp monochrome Argus display, the color capability of the Argus 7000CE provides even greater contrast. This allows the pilot to instantly distinguish and recognize important map items.

The Argus 7000CE moving map is designed to give the pilot situational awareness unavailable with normal cockpit instruments. The Argus shows you, on a graphics CRT display, where you are, and where the airports, special use airspace, and navaids are relative to your position. The Argus 7000CE is designed to interface with almost any GPS or LORAN and provides a track-oriented display. It is IFR certifiable and is capable of displaying heading and ADF information. There is also an optional module that allows this Argus to function as an RMI.

The taller profile of the Argus 7000CE allows it to have 2.3 times the screen area of standard-size Argus models.

Other Argus 7000CE features include:
  • User replaceable front panel database containing landing facilities, navaids, intersections, and airways
  • Navigation data accepted from GPS, Loran C, NMS
  • Capable of Stormscope WX10, WX11, WX1000 display with optional adapter
  • Optionally compatible with the BFG WX500 Stormscope and the Ryan 9900B+ TCAD
  • Flight "recorder" shows where you've been
  • Internal barometric pressure sensor
You may also be interested in a GPS or Loran to use with this Argus 7000CE.

If you have any questions about this item, please click Ask us about the Argus 7000CE Color Moving Map Display to send us an email.

Click an image below to enlarge
Argus 7000CE Color Moving Map Display - Inset 1 - Click to enlarge

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