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King KCS-55A Compass System (HSI) - Click to enlarge
King KCS-55A Compass System (HSI) - Click to enlarge

Order Information
Voltage Needed?: 

King KCS-55A Compass System (HSI)

Product Information
ModelKing KCS-55A Compass System (HSI)
Part NumberP/N: 066-3046-00 - KI-525A, without bootstrap
P/N: 066-3046-04 - KI-525A, without bootstrap, with glideslope needle damping

P/N: 060-0015-00 - KG-102A

P/N: 071-1052-00 - KMT-112

P/N: 071-1053-03 - KA-51A, 14 volts
P/N: 071-1053-04 - KA-51A, 28 volts
P/N: 071-1242-00 - KA-51B, 14 volts, vertical mount
P/N: 071-1242-01 - KA-51B, 28 volts, vertical mount
P/N: 071-1242-05 - KA-51B, 14 volts, horizontal mount
P/N: 071-1242-06 - KA-51B, 28 volts, horizontal mount

VoltageEither 14 or 28 volts (Please specify)
IncludedRacks & Connectors (if needed), 6 Month Warranty
CommentsWe typically have a 1-2 week lead time for Compass Systems / HSIs. If you're in a hurry, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Our highest quality and most common Compass System (HSI) is the Bendix/King KCS-55A. This is a four part system, consisting of:
  • KI-525A Pictorial Navigation Indicator
  • KG-102A Directional Gyro
  • KMT-112 Flux Detector
  • KA-51A / KA-51B Slaving Accessory

The KI-525A is the most visible component, and what people tend to mean when they talk about an HSI. This indicator shows both your heading and course information on the same display. It may be interfaced with an Autopilot or Flight Director. It also has dual glideslope indications that appear when flying an ILS approach.

The KI-525A is available with a bootstrap output to allow other displays (Stormscope, Moving Map, ADF card, etc.) to be slaved to the current heading. The version of the KCS-55A shown here does not have a bootstrap output.

The cost savings of omitting the bootstrap are relatively minor. If you think you will ever need this capability, it makes sense to get the bootstrap output now.

The course information displayed on the KI-525A may come from a variety of sources, including a GPS. The following NAV Receiver / RNAV Navigation Systems are also compatible with the KI-525A:

  • KNS-80 NAV/RNAV/DME/Glideslope
  • KNS-81 NAV/RNAV/Glideslope
  • KX-155 NAV/COMM (with external VOR/LOC Converter)
  • KX-165 NAV/COMM
The King KCS-55A Compass System (HSI) is available in either Serviceable or Overhauled condition. We strongly recommend the Overhauled option, as shown here. Unlike many other avionics items, there are (in both the KI-525A and KG-102A Gyro) high-speed moving parts that will wear over time. Having a system Overhauled will ensure the reliability you expect from an important and expensive system. Overhauled systems come with a 6 month warranty.

We do not typically stock Overhauled KCS-55A systems because the "clock" would start on the overhaul warranty. Instead, we will have an HSI overhauled for you to get you a fresh inspection and full warranty period. Please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping. (If you need a KCS-55A quickly, please contact us to see what options we can offer.)

You may also be interested in an NAV or NAV/COMM to use with this KCS-55A.

If you have any questions about this item, please click Ask us about the King KCS-55A Compass System (HSI) to send us an email.

Click an image below to enlarge
King KCS-55A Compass System (HSI) - Inset 1 - Click to enlarge
King KCS-55A Compass System (HSI) - Inset 2 - Click to enlarge
King KCS-55A Compass System (HSI) - Inset 3 - Click to enlarge

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